NCI – Tourism provide travel services while learning for children and adults, whether individuals or groups, associated with the natural and cultural places of interest in various places in Indonesia

1.  Natural Tourism (Saturday – Sunday Program)

Education for children in recognizing the environment through direct observation in the field while traveling in Bali or Yogyakarta. Guided by instructors who are experts in the field of environment and culture.

eco-edu 2


Eco-edu 1


2. Cultural Tourism (Saturday – Sunday Program)

You can see various performances of dance, customs, and traditions of Bali, which is accompanied by an instructor who is familiar with the culture in the country, especially Bali and Yogyakarta culture.

culture bali 1

culture bali 2

culture bali 3

Program Enrollment and Costs

Cost of the program Rp.5.000.000 (421.80 USD)  / group (doesn’t include transport and accommodation)

Participants can sign up to email;

The cost of program is paid to the Nature & Culture Institute by transfer in the Bank Mandiri, Account Number 137-00-1105395-2. 


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